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        Release time:2019-03-16

        Deuterium lamp
        Ultraviolet light source, which emits light in the wavelength range of 190 - 400 nm continuous spectral band.
        Deuterium lamp is the ultraviolet light source of ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer. The wavelength range of the light emitted by deuterium lamp is generally 190-400 nm continuous spectral band. The wavelength range of deuterium lamp is generally 190-360 nm. Deuterium lamp has a characteristic spectrum at 486.0, 583.0 and 656.1 nm. It is often used as the theoretical wavelength of calibration instrument (656.1 and 486.0 nm are used most, 583.0 nm is seldom used, because it is not sharp enough and accompanied by small peaks).

        Deuterium lamp is widely used in many analytical instruments, such as UV detector, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, electrophoresis instrument, SOx/NOx analyzer, blood test and so on.

        Imported deuterium lamp
        Imported environment-friendly deuterium lamp can not only ensure the stability of instrument performance, accurate and reliable testing accuracy, but also reduce the absorption of ozone, more environmentally friendly and healthy.

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