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        Hello, welcome"Aoyi Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd."Website!

        Release time:2019-03-16

        Instrument features:
        128 x 64 dot matrix liquid crystal display is used in the instrument
        Advanced control system to monitor the service life of tungsten lamp in real time
        Fully sealed structure and all optical mirrors have Si02 protective film, which can reduce the influence of external gas and environment on optical components.
        Upgrading and optimization of support system
        Detailed specification
        1200 high performance holographic gratings per millimeter for optical systems
        Wavelength range: 325-1020 NM
        Spectral bandwidth: 4.0 NM
        Photometric range: -0.301-3.0 A, 0-200% T 0-9999C
        Working methods: A, T, C, F
        Wavelength accuracy: +1.5 nm minimum resolution 0.1 nm
        Wavelength repeatability: < 0.2 nm
        Photometric accuracy: +0.4% T (0-100% T)
        Photometric repeatability: <0.2%T (0-100%T)
        Stability: +0.001A/h (500 nm)
        Stray light: < 0.05% T (360 nm)
        Display mode: 128*64 dot matrix liquid crystal display
        Working methods: T, A, C, F
        Wavelength setting: automatic
        Detector: Imported Silicon Light Diode
        Light Source: Imported Long Life Tungsten Lamp
        Keyboard: Film Digital Keyboard

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