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        Hello, welcome"Aoyi Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd."Website!

        Ultraviolet-Visible A390 Spectrophotometer

        Release time:2019-03-18

        Product characteristics
        The inssrument uses 800 x 480 true color liquid crystal display, which can store 240 standard curves and 240 data per standard curve.
        The instrument host has USB2.0 data export function and supports PCL type USB printer to print A4 paper.
        Imported environmentally friendly deuterium lamp system can effectively reduce your ozone uptake
        Advanced control system monitors the service life of deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp in real time
        Unique socket deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp design, no optical adjustment when changing lamp
        GLP self-identification function, wavelength accuracy and photometric accuracy of testing instrument, and can issue detection report and power-off protection.
        The instrument can carry out automatic wavelength correction, automatic wavelength setting, automatic switching of light source and dark current correction.
        Fully sealed structure and all optical mirrors have Si02 protective film, which can reduce the influence of external gas and environment on optical components.

        Customers provide instrument numbers, download upgrade packages on Aoyi website, and support one-click upgrade of U disk.

        Detailed specification
        Optical system: 1200 high performance holographic gratings per millimeter
        Optical System: Double Beam Ratio
        Wavelength range: 190-1100 NM
        Spectral bandwidth: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 and 5.0 NM
        Wavelength accuracy: +0.3 nm (D656.1 +0.1 nm)
        Wavelength repeatability: < 0.1nm
        Photometric accuracy: +0.002A(0-0.5Abs), +0.004A(0.5-1.0Abs)
        +0.2% T (0-100% T)
        Photometric repeatability: 0.001Abs (0-0.5Abs), 0.002Abs (0.5-1.0Abs)
        Less than 0.1% T (0-100% T)
        Stray light: 0.03% T 220 nm, 360 nm
        Stability: 0.001Abs/h (500 nm)
        Baseline flatness: +0.001Abs
        Noise: +0.0004Abs
        Photometric range: -4.0-4.0 A, 0-200% T 0-9999C
        Working methods: A, T, C, F
        Display mode: 800*480.65 million color 7-inch TFT color screen
        Working methods: T, A, C, E
        Wavelength setting: automatic
        Output: USB2.0*2 Printing and Data Output, USB-B Online
        Detector: Imported Silicon Light Diode
        Light source: imported long-life deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp (no need to adjust the light source after changing the lamp)
        Keyboard: Film Keyboard (Number, Letter, Function Keyboard)
        Scanning ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer

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