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        Hello, welcome"Aoyi Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd."Website!

        Scanning V-1900(PC)

        Release time:2019-07-23


        ● 480*272 Dots with 65 thousand true color LCD display  

        ● Long life and Environmental Deuterium lamp tungsten

        ● Data output: Data can be exported to U disk

        ● Print port: Connect printer for printing

        ● High performance grating with High-precision optical system design

        ● Upgrade package can be downloaded from AOE web with S/N, support U disk one-key upgrade

        ● Pre-aligned design ensures the user can change lamps conveniently

        ● With GLP self-check function  

        ● With Si02 coating optical mirror, reducing the pollution from outside fully

        ● Optional PC Software to expand the applications 


        Optical System: Single Beam, Grating 1200 lines/mm

        Wavelength Range:        320-1100nm

        Spectral Bandwidth:        2.0nm

        Wavelength Repeatability:≤0.2nm

        Stability:                               ± 0.001A / h @ 500nm


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