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        Release time:2019-03-16

        Imported tungsten lamp
        Imported tungsten lamp, so that your instrument performance is more stable, test accuracy is more accurate and reliable.
        Halogen lamp is an inflatable incandescent lamp filled with halogen group elements or halides. In common incandescent lamp, the high temperature of filament causes tungsten evaporation, and the evaporated tungsten deposits on the glass shell, resulting in the phenomenon of blackening of the glass shell of the lamp. In 1959, the halogen tungsten lamp was invented, and the phenomenon of blackening was eliminated by using the principle of halogen tungsten cycle.

        The recrystallized structure of tungsten wire can form a good swallow-tail lap structure with a ratio of length to width greater than 12. It has high strength at high temperature, good droop resistance at high temperature and deformation resistance at high temperature under high temperature ignition point. It also has high strength and good ductility at room temperature under non-ignition point and normal temperature, which prolongs the service life of halogen tungsten lamp, improves the high temperature droop resistance of tungsten wire for halogen tungsten lamp and improves the lamp making process The winding performance in the process. Taking refined and uniformly dispersed potassium foam of tungsten wire as key technology, using A3 ammonium paratungstate as raw material, new C-type tungsten powder was added in tungsten powder preparation scheme, which was different from the current tungsten powder preparation process. Vertical melting sintering, high temperature annealing of tungsten rod were designed according to the high dispersion and homogenization of potassium foam, and the first recrystallization annealing of tungsten rod was carried out in corundum tube furnace.
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